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New batts: Cross-wired or Parasitic drain?

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:30 pm
by CraigL
New DUAL batteries (Group 78 Interstate from Costco) are arcing like a welder when trying to install— even with the power isolator Off, Master Off, doors closed, etc.

I’m confused: either I’ve somehow crossed the battery cables, or I have a truly *monstrous parasitic drain.

The cables are only long enough for this configuration. Seems impossible to reroute.
The only things I *know to be hot at all times would be the clock inside the module.
Even the door switches should not work.
But it looks like I’m a welder— and it damaged the posts on attempt. Yet multimeter says 12.66VDC and nothing’s plugged in— I’ll start pulling fuses next.
Calling Pat Ozment!

Re: New batts: Cross-wired or Parasitic drain?

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:27 pm
by patoz
If you have the polarity correct and are still getting large welder type arcing, I would check for a direct short between the positive cable(s) and ground somewhere.

Parasitic drains are usually small current flow from things like flashlights and/or radio chargers, the defibrillator which I doubt you have, or any other portable equipment. A 1996 vehicle is not going to have all the electronic and computers that a modern vehicle has, so there shouldn't be any drain from the vehicle itself.

With everything turned off and the positive cable disconnected from the battery, you might try checking for continuity using a Volt Ohm Meter, between the positive cable and the vehicle ground. If it shows no resistance (Ohms), then you have a short somewhere.

Good luck hunting...